Video editing is one of the main disciplines of MotionPark. It requires precision to match video with audio to create catchy rhythms which will attract the viewers attention. We use different programs to edit material, whether it is our own filmed material or material provided by the client.


One of MotionPark’s expertise is to edit commercials or video presentations containing mixed content such as graphics, film material, animated logo’s and info graphics. One example of a ‘mixed content project’ is the promotional and informative movie for Park 21, which outlines a new leisure development next to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. We directed, filmed, edited and animated content for the promotional movie which is currently used by the municipality of Haarlemmermeer.


MotionPark can be hired to make video reports of events. For Adventure World Warsaw we where invited to film during the groundbreaking ceremony. With a crew of 3 people we flew to Warsaw, Poland to film. After the event we edited the content to give an overview of the impressive groundbreaking ceremony.


Some video productions requires multicam editing. This means that at the same moment different cameras are recording an event, show or television program. After the event, the material is loaded into special editing software to synchronise image and sound. One example of a multicam project are the videos for consultancy company Hoving & Partners. MotionPark created all the webvideo’s which explains their consultancy services for different companies. These video's were shot wit two cameras and we edited the movies to create a more interesting video to watch. We added motion graphics and placed them in the space next to te consultant.