Some video productions requires filming actors in front of a green screen background. The purpose of filming with a green screen background is that it can be used to eliminate the green color of the filmed material and place the actor or person into another environment. For Madurodam, MotionPark was hired to do the video production of an experience which tells the story of George Maduro, a war hero in Dutch history. This video production required a totally different way of directing. The actors had to do complicated physical tasks in front of the green screen background.


After creating filmed content, MotionPark can add special effects to tell a story. An example of bringing animated effects into filmed content is a promotional movie made for the company Jora Vision. For this company, which has a magic wand as it’s logo, we created a video which was send to Jora Vision’s clients to wish them a Merry Christmas. With our team we filmed at the Jora Vision office and edited the video. We created special effects which brings the magic wand to life and shows its ability: giving color to objects, magically making illustrations, building props and finally giving all the company employees a Christmas outfit.


For some video’s it is easier to use motion graphics to tell their story. Motion graphics is animated content such as images, text, illustrations and signs. It becomes an attractive tool for viewers when animating it in the right rhythm of the sound or music. One example of motion graphics created by MotionPark is a video we made for the company BioCryptology. This informative movie explains their digital hand scan protection service. We animated graphics, texts and 3D elements.


Compositing is the name for mixing different types of video material from different sources. For example, removing an unwanted background, changing the color of the sky or showing the power of a cleaning product. This last example was used in a video we produced for a cleaning brand, showing the power of a particular cleaning product. We edited special effects to these videos, by changing the background, the actor and other accessories.


One of MotionPark’s expertise is to edit commercials or video presentations containing mixed content such as graphics, film material, animated logo’s and info graphics.
One example of a ‘mixed content project’ is the promotional and informative movie for Park 21, which outlines a new leisure development next to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. We directed, filmed, edited and animated content for the promotional movie which is currently used by the municipality of Haarlemmermeer.


MotionPark can be hired to make video reports of events.
For Adventure World Warsaw we where invited to film during the groundbreaking ceremony. With a crew of 3 people we flew to Warsaw, Poland to film. After the event we edited the content to give an overview of the impressive groundbreaking ceremony.


Some video productions requires multicam editing. This means that at the same moment different cameras are recording an event, show or television program. After the event, the material is loaded into special editing software to synchronise image and sound.
One example of a multicam project is the television show format Champaign in the Morning, which we developed with Murray Media. Currently we created two television pilots of the show. We where responsible for directing, editing and creating the motion graphics leader.


For some videos, a story can be told with the use of just sound effects. Music is not always required to create a fitting sound design.
One example of a commercial without music is the animation we created for the Dutch website, the digital equivalent of a TV guide. The sound design was intentionally kept quite minimal, to stand out between all the other noisy commercials.


Depending on the requirements of the client, we can work with different composers. When we create sound design for a video production which includes music, we first create a moving storyboard containing stock music. After approval of the storyboard we work with the designated composer to make sure the music fits perfectly with the visuals and the other sound effects. For Madurodam, Motion Park was hired to do the video production of a show which tells the story of George Maduro, a war hero in Dutch history. For the music of this attraction we worked with AudioCult. The entire soundtrack and visual content was simultaneously created to become a spectacular experience for the viewers.


Some videos requires custom pop music, containing an original melody and text, usually composed in a rhythm fitting with the visual content and story. One example of a video production containing custom pop music is a commercial for Adventure World Warsaw. This video gives an overview of the new to build planned resort. Besides working with the composer we filmed and edited the commercial which later was showcased in broadcasting channels in Poland.