Madurodam has big future plans which will carry on until 2030. Through different stages, they want to expand by making the park more green, add a lot more pavilions, experiences and renew the entry to the park. MotionPark created a video that was presented to the government of The Hague. During this expansion, Madurodam will build sustainable eco walls in the forests around the park. The front of the park will be enriched with trees and lawns. New pavilions will be provided with an ecological border which will connect to the forest. Their own terrain will transform into a more park-like feel with trees and bushes adorning. To do this Madurodam will work in close co-operation with people in the neighborhood for a suitable development plan for the area. The park will abide by all legal regulations requirements. To conclude Madurodam’s big plan aims at creating a beautiful fusion of a green and ecological park. MotionPark made this video in close co-operation with BlueMoonshot.

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